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External painters

P Mart Pro Painting is your high quality finishing paint company. We are the best in preparation, proper cleaning, priming, sealing, drip coverage and safety procedures. After the final painting of the coat, we finish with a complete cleaning and go through the inspection to affirm your satisfaction. We use materials and mixtures of the highest quality to ensure that its exterior has a new and beautiful finish that protects the elements and lasts. Whether you want a new theme for your home, or just touch-ups, our company can provide a durable and quality painting service at an affordable price. The best quality paintings should still look vibrant after eight to ten years. Of course the weather has something to say about it. We review with you the guarantees and expectations of painting during our visit.

Preparation of the surface for

External painting

Outdoor PPCS will first clean the area to be painted. We wash and wash dirty areas with ecological solutions. This procedure also eliminates peeling paint, mold and other unwanted materials that have adhered to the target surface. The scraping comes next, since all loose and peeling paint must be removed. This is the beginning of the best surface preparation for adhesion, allowing base paint or paint to adhere to the surface for long-lasting results. The cleaner the surface, the better the adhesion of the paint. While we are there, you can consider other areas that need a pressure wash, such as the access road, hallways and patios or decks. When we think of painting exterior doors or exterior windows, they are often made of aluminum or some type of metal. Note that there are slightly different abrasive preparation techniques on these surfaces.

​After the

Prep and Wash.

Heavy-duty canvas drop cloths are placed everywhere there could possibly be scrapings, droppings or areas that otherwise could be affected by our presence. We care and we will look after your property while we are working, our finishing clean-up will be immaculate. Priming will follow the clean-up portion of job to cover porous areas, bare wood or any staining that may come through the final paint cover. There may be different approaches to priming but it should be discussed and agreed to for the desired result, whether longevity or ‘the look’ is more important.

Sealing and Repair

before Outside Painting.

Putty filler, used on older buildings as a seal for cold and moisture will be examined and refilled where necessary. Putty is not usually painted as it has its own appeal, and it can take weeks to fully dry. Caulking is a flexible sealer used in cracks where whether driven expansion and contraction takes place. We do not use silicone caulking as it is not so paint friendly as far as adhesion goes; in fact, it is usually removed prior to new paint applications if it was previously applied. We use latex caulking only.​ As exterior painters you get to learn a thing or two about materials and how they react to painting

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