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Painting and interior decoration

Not only do we paint, we apply imitation finishes, we hang wallpaper, we stain, we repair moldings and we perform repairs and replacements of drywall to prepare the surface to be painted. P Mart Pro Painting addresses the needs of painting and decorating your home with a professional touch, but without the excessive costs. We do everything!

Painting of the house

How we work

Our professional teams work quickly, not inadvertently. We will repair damages such as nail bursts, annoying circles that appear in the joints of the drywall. All gypsum board gouges will disappear and deep cracks will be filled and sanded smoothly and silky; the heel repair of the corner will be made, this is the metal bracket at the corners of the wall that is not subject to damage by itself, but any hard knock on the corner of the wall can cause the panel compound to plaster loosens or falls off. Remember that interior painting services also include wood stains, so you will not neglect the relevant trim and trim. We can also repair most associated items such as wood moldings, doors, shelves and thresholds. We do not look for shortcuts, the finished work must pass a detailed inspection before we say ‘finite’!

An overview of

our procedure when we introduce ourselves.

  • We move the furniture to safety;
  • We cover everything that can drip, except the dog, because it moves;
  • We make all the necessary repairs;
  • Establish adequate ventilation and cross breezes whenever possible;
  • We make sure that the work is completed in a timely manner;
  • Finally, P Mart Pro Painting performs a thorough cleaning, as good as any in the business. Unfortunately we are not available for cleaning the house.

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